• Grown between 1650 - 1800 masl, this honey processed Red Bourbon coffee comes from the Kibingo washing station located in the Kayanza Province of Burundi, Africa, where the bulk of the coffee in Burundi is grown.  The Kibingo washing station is owned and operated by GreenCo and is identifiable by the wooden bridge that was built over the river that runs through it. This washing station collects cherries from over 2,750 local coffee farmers spread over the 18 neighboring collines. During the harvest season, Kibingo processes more than 650 tons of coffee. This specific coffee is a honey Red Bourbon, which is incredibly sweet, and has tasting notes of tropicals, passionfruit, and floral. Red Bourbon is the coffee varietal, and honey is the process through which the raw cherries are processed. In this form of honey processing, the cherries are pulped and brought straight to raised beds where they're turned and rotated for 25-30 days, weather dependent.


    GreenCo’s slogan is “Hope Through Coffee”, and they believe that simply paying farmers a good price for cherries is not enough, but that they must also support the needs of their farmers and their families. Through a variety of programs, GreenCo trains farmers on best agricultural practices, empowers farmers to become better businessmen and businesswomen through education, supports local primary schools, gives job opportunities to young graduates, as well as also launching a program to provide health insurance plans for farmers and their family members who are unable to afford health insurance.


    A special thanks to our friends at Forward Coffee for bringing in this coffee for us!


    Burundi Kibingo, Medium Roast (1lb)

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