• A tribute to our best friend and adventure buddy, Zoey, we are excited to release our very first charity blend where $2 from every bag purchased will be donated to an animal rescue of our choice. Our aim is to promote adoption and help support rescues in saving as many lives as posisble. 


    About the coffee:

    Tails n' Trails (TNT) is a single origin blend of our famous Colombia Planadas Organic coffee. This fully washed coffee is grown at 1850-1950 masl in the Planadas region of Tolima, Colombia. The majority of this blend is an extra dark roasted Colombian with a hint of medium roast blended in to highlight the natural flavors of sweet cacao, stone fruit and raisins. This coffee is darker and a different flavor profile then our original Colombia Planadas Dark Roast. 



    Zoey, also known as Zoey Longlegs, Zoey Coyote, Zo Zo or  the Zo's, was picked up as a stray from a very northern community in the NWT in the dead of winter. We adopted Zoey from the NWTSPCA in January 2019 and she has become an integral part of our family joining us on almost every adventure from hiking, to split boarding, camping and beyond. Had she not been rescued when she was she likely would not be around today.The NWTSPCA will be the first rescue to recieve donations from the Tails n Trails coffee. 


    In the words of Bob Barker "Help control the pet population — have your pets spayed or neutered" .

    Tails n' Trails Charity Blend - "Bark Roast" (1lb)

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